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[4.0.1] Host/Folder Reset Cascade (Feature Request)

Nathan Keiter
It would be nice to be able from a "nav" folder to set all "host/folder" values of all it's "nav" children to be itself.

So for example, say I'm on the /about-us/ folder.

I just want the ability to right click on that "/about-us/" folder and force all "nav" children (folder/pages/contentlets) that live under it in the virtual nav tree to update their "host/folder" value to "/about-us/". Recursively of course.

This would be very helpful in correcting "host/folder" values set too low in the "nav" tree. (Which I know is arbitrary, but this tool will help you fix it to whatever arbitrary level you define as high enough.)  Ideally the higher up in the tree an "inherited parent permissionable object" is, the better.  This also reduces the chance of that "host/folder" parent permissionable object being deleted (which in turn deletes all content that has it's "host/folder" value set to it regardless of it's actual nav location.)

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