Assets folder single point of failure in clustered setup

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Assets folder single point of failure in clustered setup


At the moment we have a clustered dotCMS setup with two dotCMS nodes and one shared assets folder on another server. When for some reasons the server with the shared assets folder can't be reached, both dotCMS instances will throw exceptions because they cannot reach their assets.

We were wondering how we can resolve this single point of failure issue, we have some ideas but were wondering if there are any other options? The best option in our opinion at the moment is to create one authoring server and push the changes from there to all other nodes which maintain their own assets folder. We don't have any experience with this setup at the moment, but we think that the cloud version is working in the same way, right?

Could you please let me know what the disadvantages are of this 'authoring' setup and if there are other options?


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