How to invalidate HTMLPageAsset?

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How to invalidate HTMLPageAsset?

Hi. I am refactoring our static plugin to suit dotcms version 4.1.1. As we no longer have HTMLPage and instead we use HtmlPageAsset, how do we invalidate the page? 
e.g. In version 3.3.1, we have :

  HTMLPage page=APILocator.getHTMLPageAPI().loadPageByPath(pageIdent.getURI(), pageIdent.getHostId());
                    if(page!=null && UtilMethods.isSet(page.getIdentifier()))

For version 4.1.1, we have :

Contentlet pageContentlet = conAPI.findContentletByIdentifier(pageIdent.getId(), true, con.getLanguageId(), user, respectFrontendRoles);
        HTMLPageAsset pageAsset  = htmlPageAssetAPI.fromContentlet(pageContentlet);


PageServices.invalidateLive(page) will only take HTMLPage as parameter. Do we still use PageServices to invalidate the page? If yes, how do we do that? If not, what do we use?

Any help is appreciated.


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