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In dotCMS 4 we are using a custom Workflow which includes a NotifyAsigneeActionlet (we are sending out an email to the assignee).

The NotifyAsigneeActionlet uses the WorkflowEmailUtil class to send the email, which includes the URL to the workflow item.

We noticed that the URL that should redirect the assignee to the workflow item, is incorrect.

An example of the URL that should redirect the assignee to the workflow item:

Once you visit this URL, you get redirected to a blank page containing the following error:

An unexpected system error occurred.


The reason that the URL does not work is because the parameter 'p_l_id' is empty. This is caused because the following line in the WorkFlowEmailUtil class is never true:

Replacing this line with if (lout.getPortletIds().contains(PortletID.WORKFLOW.toString())) { seems to fix it (just call toString()


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