v. 3.7.1 - Calling WorkFlow Actions via REST API

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v. 3.7.1 - Calling WorkFlow Actions via REST API

Henry Versemann

So maybe I should backup and ask how best to setup a workflow action, which is supposed to eventually be called through a REST API request?


Nowhere in the documentation have I found where it shows how to send the identifier of an actual piece of content to a workflow action or sub-action.


You can pass comments to a named action and assign the named action to another user, but that seems to be all one can in the original URL, at least for parameters parameters to an action directly.


So then when I setup a workflow action do I need to add code to the “Custom Code” field of the workflow action, which will execute and extract the identifier of my content out of another URL parameter?


If so then once I have extracted it in my custom code block, then how would I then pass it to the “Delete content” sub-action, which is my ultimate goal?


I’m more than a little confused by WorkFlows at this point and would appreciate help in answering some of these questions.









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