v. 3.7.1 Lucene Queries Against REST API

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v. 3.7.1 Lucene Queries Against REST API

Henry Versemann

I’ve done some reading about how to format queries with search terms that have embedded special characters and spaces.


As a specific example I have a title field of an entry which contains both a slash and an embedded space like this:


Web/Portal Developer


I’ve tried several variations like these:



Employees.title:*Web\/Portal\ Developer*

Employees.title:(Web/Portal Developer)


And so far none have worked.


And I’m also trying to use this field’s search term in combination with three other fields search terms, which already work perfectly well together, but this query breaks only when I add this last field search term to it, and so far I haven’t been able to figure out why.


So I’m lost at this point and still looking for some more documentation which gives me a clue.


Would appreciate any suggestions on this.


Thanks for the help.



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